Monday, 2 June 2014

An update from a homeowner!

So it has been two weeks since we moved in to our humble abode!
It has been such a busy time but things are going well.
There have been no identified problems apart from a couple of door handles that stick. Nothing a bit of WD40 won't fix!

Our fencing is up so it is nice to have some privacy and a wind-breaker. We also finally have the internet connected. What a saga! It ended up taking about 5 technicians and 12 phone calls to get it sorted. We were finally connected last Friday night so I am back with the land of the living! (How did we survive before the internet?).

My focus over the last two weeks has been SO exciting!
1. Get dirt
2. Cleaning the laminate floors without leaving streak marks

We need a lot of cleanfill for the backyard to level it out and get it ready for turf and gardens. I discovered that you can either pay $45 a cubic metre for soil or get it for free! There are several internet sites such as where excavator companies will advertise free fill and deliver for free as well. The problem I found is that you have to wait...wait until a job comes up in your area that has decent soil and they will then give you a call. Others that just have soil that we wouldn't consider suitable (clay/rock mix).
So after many calls and waiting I have had no such luck until today. I decided to put my own ad on Gumtree offering a slab for free soil! I am getting dirt delivered tonight... :-)

The floors. Laminate floors have been great but when we moved in they were very dusty due to the tradies and also from us walking through with our boxes etc.
We were given a microfibre mop kit from the builder with floor solution. I broke the mop as I was trying to put it together (came in 6 pieces). So I brought another microfibre mop that had loose ends based on the recommendation of the Bunnings rep. It was horrible, it just streaked the floor and spread the dusty look.

I spent 2 hours on my hands/knees cleaning the floor with microfibre cloths and the floor solution. It came up great! I have since brought a new mop - a flat head microfibre one and it seems to be going very this space!

Yesterday we mounted our tv and floating shelf on the lounge room wall in an effort to minimise and modernise some key areas of the more entertainment units collecting dust.
My partner has also successfully installed the TV aerial on the roof.
Slowly getting there!

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