Sunday, 11 May 2014

All packed and ready to go!

Week 17.

So we "signed off" on the house last week. All is well apart from a door frame that has a chip in it - apparently it can't be fixed. Oh well. It's not the end of the world and you can't really see it. If they fill it and repaint it will just chip away again every time you close the door.

So the plan was for HBC to obtain the occupancy certificate last week, hand our file over to accounts who would then request final payment from the bank. We would then need to sign a payment authority, send it back to the bank and then go and pick up keys!

As this is pretty standard the builder said we would be fine to organise NBN technicians, fencing, concrete paths and a few other things we wanted to do from Monday 19th May as we would be in our house by then...
So that is exactly what we did - we have our bins arriving from Council on the 19th, our fridge being delivered and the concrete commencing. We also have the first NBN technician coming out on the 19th too. We then have the 2nd NBN appointment (yes there are two) for the 21st of May, getting soil delivered for the backyard and the fencing on the 22nd. It all sounds pretty organised doesn't it?


Our builder is still waiting on the occupancy certificate which means our file has not gone to accounts and seeings as the bank have casually told us in an email they are short staffed, it doesn't look like everyone will get their act together this week for us to be able to collect keys.

We won't have to cancel the bins and the first NBN appointment as the technician doesn't need access to the inside of our house but someone does need to be there so it looks like I will be twiddling my thumbs out the front of our new pretty house without access.
At least I will be kept busy on my phone canceling the rest of the appointments (if need be).

So this week ahead is a stomach in knots kind of week...I have been very lucky up to this point.
Just as well we kept our rental property until the end of May!

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