Monday, 19 May 2014

All moved in!

What a crazy week!
Last week was insane and I was certain it wasn't going to go to plan...somehow we got there, by 4pm Friday 16th May the keys were in my hand!
The bank organised a valuation walkthrough on Thursday and received the report back the same day. The final step was to send the payment to the bank. 
As the bank is in WA it is not a case of walking in to a branch to grab the cheque. As I was losing all hope I received an email from the bank offering to make a real time payment to the builder on the Friday which would take a couple of hours (not days) to be received. It cost me $30 but was worth it!
I was at the Builders office in the Docklands by 3:30pm to collect all of the keys, warranties and necessary information. I was also given a gift hamper of wine, glasses and spreads.

We had the removal truck booked for the next day and excitedly moved house!
I transported all 5 cats on my own and although it was a stressful ride they are settling in well.
Our kitchen appliances and hot water is being installed this Wednesday followed by ducted heating programming on Thursday.
We had the concrete paths done around the house today and our new fridge arrived! 
The NBN technician came out and said the pipes under the ground are blocked, he can not carry out the job. We contacted our builder who then put in a few phone calls and was told that the land estate have known about the blockage for some we cancelled the second Telstra appointment which was due to happen tomorrow so we could investigate who has the responsibility of a fix. I then received a phone call today from the land estate office reps telling me there was no problem reported and as far as they are concerned we are good to go!
Then Telstra calls me today and informs me that NBN Co have fixed the communication issue in the lines and we can now book out appointments- they are happening next week. I'm so confused about this saga but too tired to care...I am letting these appointments play out and shall see what happens!

I am just so happy to be in my new home! 


  1. Congratulations! All the stress and hard work must have been worth it now that you have the keys in your hand. Well done, and enjoy.

  2. congrats to you and your partner!!!!! paths look great :)