Friday, 25 April 2014

Practical Completion Inspection #1

Week 15. 

The Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) was moved closer by the Site Supervisor as he wanted to keep things moving. We met with him on a cold, rainy and very muddy day on Thursday 24th April.

I took a mobile phone with a charger and tested every single power point in the house with it as I had read a few times that people find some points don't work after they move in. Ours did..all of them!

I was completely happy with everything. There are a couple of paint touch ups that I had found and a chip in a door frame which will be fixed next week. The SS spotted the loungeroom windows leaking on the window sill (there is an upside to a rainy day) and was fixing the outside window seals after we left. I'm not worried about these items at all as the workmanship up to this point has been amazing and I know they will fix it.

The Brivis ducted heating control panel was in as well as the kitchen sink. Everything done except for the glass splashback which is being installed on 2nd May 2014.

I am loving the kitchen sink and the size of the shelved pantry and linen cupboard.

So all was well and dandy up until today. Landscaping. On a public holiday too. 
We went to our house this evening to have a look and it was all finished. The design is fine...basic but fine. A couple of disappointments - there were no plants to hide the front taps that are in the lawn and this was written on the final plan to do.
The meter box door is dented and broken.
The strip of garden to the left of the driveway was supposed to be against our boundary line but it has been in line with our garage bricks. This can cause a couple of issues eg. 1. The neighbours boundary line would have moved in to ours and secondly if the neighbours stick to their correct boundary line we will have a lovely strip of dirt in between our garden bed and theirs.
Finally the other problem is that lawn has been placed right up to the house when our engineering report recommended not to do this as the lawn holds moisture which can unsettle the slab in poorly classed soil which we have.

So my partner will call the SS on Monday. We have had an excellent run up until this point so I am not complaining, nor am I worried as these things are easily fixed.

On the plus side, we have a great looking driveway and porch as well as an installed irrigation system in the front favourite though is the letterbox!!!

From here the plan is to inspect our glass splashback on 6th May, sign off on the house, the bank valuer will then inspect and if happy will release the final payment. When this is cleared it's KEYS KEYS KEYS BABY!

We went shopping too. We have already purchased a new dishwasher and microwave and to add to that we have brought a new stainless steel side by side fridge, a retractable clothesline (extends 7 metres from the back of the house to the back of the fence) and a new fancy Bosch vacuum! Love shopping :-) 
Left side of the pantry (more shelves to the right!)

Linen Cupboard

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  1. woohoo nearly key time.... im so jealous of that walk in linen cupboard... already told the hubby in our next build that is a must! BIG CONGRATS TO YOU!