Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bye Bye Landlord...

Week 14.

This week we told our landlord we are moving out! We gave a courtesy call so he had more than 28 days to get his head around losing the best tenants ever.
We are providing official written notice on the 1st May and will hand over the keys at the end of May. So far things are working to plan with an overlap of the new house by a couple of weeks.

Although I am desperate to have the experience of a pressured shower rather than a 1960's gravity feed 'drip drip' system that I have now...I have to keep the rental for at least a good week because we won't have a hot water system, stove top or oven for the first week in our house. Apparently there is a high number of thefts in new houses that have just been completed so the builders policy is not to install until after handover. So be it.

So with that out of the way I had a good crack at packing this week and finding out about home/contents insurance and NBN packages. We are picking up our digital tv aerial tomorrow and a new dishwasher and microwave on Sunday (happy Easter to us!).

The house is looking fantastic!
We haven't been able to get in but we have had a good look through the windows. We are able to see the benchtop, shelving in the wardrobes, pantry and linen as well as the blinds fitted to all windows.
The measurements for the glass splashback have been taken and this is going to be installed on the 2nd May 2014.
After speaking with the SS today he told me that the Regional Managers have had a walk through of the house to inspect the workmanship and pointed out small items to be taken care of (paint touch ups and a door hinge replacement) and the plan from here will be:
Next week - Driveway/Landscaping
Thursday 24th April - Practical Completion Inspection at 9am (minus the splashback so we can't officially sign off on the house).
Friday 2nd May - splashback installed
Monday 6th May - inspect splashback and officially sign off on the house if we are happy.
Organise payment authority and wait for the final payment to clear (the bank will do an inspection)
Pick up keys on approximately Thursday 15th May
19th May - I'm have 3 weeks off from work to re-organise my life, yay!


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