Friday, 4 April 2014

Crazy about tiles...

Week 12.

What an awesome week! I've been expecting things to slow down by this point because we are creeping towards the end but it's full steam ahead all the way!

As I said in my last post, the tiler was due to start on Wednesday this week and I know I heard this correctly but when my SS rang on Wednesday to provide an update he said the tiler was just finishing off....I said "what, for the day?" and he replied "no, it's all done". Geez. I couldn't help but ask him how much V or Red Bull these guys are having because they are on fire!

So the painting AND tiling was completed this week. We went for a sneak peak on Tuesday and I was like a kid in a candy shop! New door, new paint, downpipes fully connected, laundry sink in, laundry tiles down, toilet, ensuite and bathroom floor tiles down, shower tiles up, the kitchen benches are marked out for sink/stove cut's great.

I was SOOOO happy with our front door. My partner and I like neutral colours, safe colours but decided we would take what we would consider to be a risk on the colour of our front door and we are happy with the outcome!
The wall paint has a grey tinge, while the ceilings are bright white and I am loving the contrast. I must admit I forgot that our walls had taste of grey in them!

So - according to Mr SS we should be about 6 weeks away from the house being presented to us.
Next week the internal fittings start - plumbing, electrical, shower screens etc.

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