Saturday, 29 March 2014

Internal painting

Week 11.

Good-bye plaster walls, hello paint!
I didn't visit the site this week...I mean really, do I want to go and watch paint dry?
The other half went to check on progress and reported back. He happily said that the render on the front of the house is now finished and he loves the light grey colour (Silkwort by Dulux).
Meanwhile on the inside it looks as though majority of painting has been done, as well as the eaves on the front of the house. The kitchen and windows have been covered up so the tradie could go wild with his spray gun.

Only a few photos from the outside this week.
I haven't heard from the SS (he calls every fortnight and this is the off week) so I am not sure if the tiler has set up yet. Next week should see the painting complete and the tiling would have commenced.

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