Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Frames are up!

Week 4.

The week commenced with a site clean and delivery of windows on 4/2/14.
The timber wall frames were then delivered the next day. I love the smell of pine...lots of it!

We received a call from our SS on Wednesday to let us know that he will be re-locating to another suburb so we have been allocated a new Site Supervisor :-(

Mr "New" called today to let us know the guys were putting up the wall frames as we were speaking (in the 34 degree heat!) and that the roof framing will be completed early next week. We then move on to the fascia and gutters! We like the new SS!

So we went for a sticky beak tonight and went for our first "walk through". I am extremely excited about the size of the walk in pantry and walk in linen. Huge windows on the north side of the kitchen/living, the long hall to bedroom number 4 and the size of the ensuite.

Now the exciting part - photos!

Just an update about Friday 7/2/14 - THE ROOF WENT ON.
As you can see from the above, this was not due to happen until next week.
Maybe all of my patience in the last year is feeding back good karma because this is the second time I have been told that something that is due to happen the following week happened the Friday before.
Now there is still the window frames to be fitted before I can say the framing stage is complete but the roof frames really add a further touch of excitement!

Also on Friday, we signed our first "authority for payment" form for the bank to forward funds to the builder for the completed slab stage. AKA - first progress payment.


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