Friday, 14 February 2014

Roof tiles = smiles!

Week 5.

Everything is still on track...not a single bump in the road (touch wood...).
We have just signed authority for our second progress payment confirming the frame stage is complete. No slowing down though!

This week we had window frames installed on the Monday, guttering,fascia, gas and hot water connections completed by the Wednesday and a house wrap, sarking and roof tiles completed by the end of Friday.

As the house is beginning to feel more enclosed I am really enjoying the visits and seeing something new every time. The whole street is mid construction (apart from one lonely block next to our site) so I feel like we have caught up with the crowd!

Bricks start on Monday!

We are still compiling our "to do list" after handover - fencing, paths, cat proofing, extra electrical work etc so I have started the ball rolling by sending some fencing quotes to our back and side neighbour for their review. I was able to obtain their contact details from the local Council within 24 hours so I am just hoping they respond within a timely manner.

I also spoke to our builder today in regards to paths around the house as we are keen to have coloured concrete matching our driveway. I was pleased to find out that the builder will provide me with the contact details of the workmen when the time comes to lay the extra concrete and this won't be an issue at all. Phew!



  1. Wow! It looks like the construction of your house is going quite nicely. I'm so happy for you guys. It must’ve been an anxious wait for you to see your dream home being built from the ground up. Congratulations on a lovely home, guys. :D
    Paul Lawson

  2. Thank you Paul, that's so nice of you to say! It was a VERY anxious wait. I am just so happy that all of our patience paid off! Thanks again.