Friday, 28 February 2014

Internal walls are up!

Week 7.

The last day of February 2014, 7 weeks in to our build... and a year to the day since we made a decision to find a pathway to this journey called home.

This week the electrical and plumbing fit out was completed, the bricks are still going up and are nearly completed, insulation was put in the external walls yesterday AND today - the plaster walls have started going up!

I must say, after so many visits to the estate, getting used to the strong winds (as there are not many houses to block the wind out), it was the strangest feeling to walk in to the house yesterday, close the temporary door behind me and everything was just..still.
It was the first time I felt a little cozy! So today being in there with most of the plaster walls up was even better. I am now starting to visualize where everything is going to go.

Apparently we are only a couple of weeks away from lock up now.

The pantry!

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