Friday, 24 January 2014

Earthworks - Week 1 & Week 2

At the beginning of the week as I was bracing myself for the heat wave ahead of me with above 40degree temperatures every day, I received a call from our site supervisor to introduce himself.
He outlined the next week or so and informed me that if all goes well, we should have a completed house within 16-18 weeks.

Mr SS is a carpenter by trade and is currently supervising 5 other houses in our estate. The race is on!

So....first the site scrape which took place on Tuesday 13th January then the site fencing went up later in the day. Next was the set out on Wednesday where the dimensions of the house were pegged out and the ground leveled according to the site plan. Kudos to the tradies who got the job done when I didn't actually expect them to, considering the heat.

Thursday and Friday saw the footings and concrete piers being constructed...there sure is a lot of those that are going to hold up our slab!

 Further to my previous post the rubbish that was dumped ended up being collected by the maintenance men of the Livingston Estate. The Estate rep put in a few calls while he was on leave and had it removed. I found out after and was so thankful! No expensive tip runs. What a great gesture, thank you to the team at Livingston!

By the end of the week I am so happy to see what has been done considering Melbourne has set a record by having 4 consecutive days over 41 degrees.  


Week 2 of the earthworks was completed on 24/01/2014.

The concrete piers were dried and leveled into the soil. The power box was installed earlier in the week with drains and underground power carried out at the end of the week.

Next week we are scheduled for concrete labour and.....THE SLAB! I am just hoping it isn't too hot as we creep up the high 30's in temperature.

Time will tell!

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