Saturday, 21 December 2013

Building Permit is in!

On Tuesday 17th December we received notification that our building permit has been received and we have now moved on to the next stage - CONSTRUCTION.

Yes, that's right. After 10 months of waiting we are finally feeling like this is going to happen.

The email notification said that we will be allocated a new client liaison consultant who will contact us within the week of business returning to normal in the new year (06/01/2014) to notify us of our start date.

We received our final plans in the mail with the Addenda, soil report and engineering report.
It was interesting to find out this information;

Our site has been given a classification of "P" = Problem site due to poorly compacted fill.

Having a "P" classification can incur significant costs to the owner - up to $25000 over the original price of the house. This is the perfect reason to get "fixed site costs" - thankfully we did!

We also noticed today after a visit to the Estate that we have water connected on our site! Two front taps (the second being recycled water). 

An excellent way to finish off 2013 I think. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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