Friday, 29 November 2013

Are we there yet?

I realised today that if I had a dollar for every time I had the following conversation lately I would have covered our costs of upgrades...

Friend - "Hey, how is the house going? Nearly finished?"

Me- "Finished? No...waiting for it to start actually."

Friend- "What? So not even a slab?"

Me- "No, not yet. It should be next month"

Friend- "Geez, seems like you have been waiting forever"

Me- "Yep!"          *Changes subject*

Moral of the's been 10 weeks this coming Monday since our land titled and our situation from the previous post has not changed! Apparently those reports are still coming through and are not finalised.

In the meantime we have discovered we have a free fence which is a plus that has saved us about $2000. We went to check out the grass growing on our lot and realised there was a side perimeter colorbond fence up. This was a fence that we were required to pay full costs of as we don't have a neighbour on the opposite side. After making enquiries at the land office the response was "Merry Christmas, we have put it up out of our landscaping budget". I will take that!

Word around the area is that Cranbourne East may have a name change to Casey Fields, in reference to the sporting complex just down the road from us. The local council are currently  in the final stages of consulting with current residents. With Cranbourne being zoned as Cranbourne East/North/South and West the emergency services are reporting difficulties with navigation. I wonder if this will have any impact on our house valuation? Hmmm.

Well that's it for November. Hoping next month will bring some excitement our way. Stay tuned....

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  1. been such a long wait for you guys..... im not really looking forward to settlement if all I have to look forward to is another long wait. :) how come it takes this long for homebuyers centre to get all the reports when other builders are at lock up stage or slab down??? grrrr lets hope they hurry up for ya cant wait to watch yours go up