Saturday, 7 September 2013

The street is on the map!

Beautiful sunny day...time for a look and a report back!

So we went out to Livingston today. I was so excited to see that our street is finished and it has a street name sign confirming it! The nature strips have been filled in, the lots have been properly pegged out and the street is no longer fenced off.

Even better news - we received a call from the land office the other day to advise that Land Titles will be registered at the end of this month and land settlement is due to happen 2 weeks later. So basically things are on track and happening a month earlier.

I relayed this information to the pre-construction consultant at HBC. She informed us that once Titles come through, soil testing can then commence to then select the correct grade of slab for the foundations and permits will be sought. At this stage we have been advised that the expected build start date will be mid December though if they can organise things earlier, the works can commence earlier.

Meanwhile we have signed a one page confirmation form for the bank confirming our financial situation has not changed so this has locked in our formal finance for another 90 days. I'm flabbergasted that it just took one page to do this!

So this time next month we will be commence paying loan repayments (interest only on the land).

**As each day passes, our future gets closer**


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