Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Land Title released!

So I received a call today that we had been waiting 7 months for - notification that our land title has been released and settlement will happen in 9 days from today.
Finally. After all of the waiting, preparing, silence and saving we are now only days away from officially owning our land that we will kindly share with the bank for the next couple of decades.

Tomorrow we will post off our Principle Place of Residence concession application to benefit from the stamp duty reduction in Victoria and then wait for the call next week that the transaction of money has occurred between the bank and the land vendor and then pay the remainder of our deposit.
We then move on to getting soil tests, permits etc to prepare for the build which hopefully will commence in the next 8 or so weeks.
My birthday is this week and as I mark a turn of a decade I am considering this to be a fantastic present so far!

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  1. woohoo that is awesome!!!!! cant wait till you start building. HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well...... we went out to the estate last weekend and we have the curbing done... never been so excited about a gutter hahaha kids thought we were crazy