Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Minor selections change

One of the best things about joining a building forum (homeone.com.au) is finding other homebuyers that are travelling through the same building maze with you with the same building company!

Thanks to another I was able to find out that our builder had changed the standard flooring from vinyl to laminate. As we weren't completely happy with our vinyl choice but didn't want to over capitalise on more expensive flooring such as tiles I jumped straight on the email when I found out and made enquiries about changing our choice! Seeings as our build wasn't around the corner I was able to do just that and attended the showroom once again yesterday. We chose "coffee oak" laminate for all of the living areas and hall and took it a step further and upgraded our carpet to a category 2 "twist pile" in Slate for the colour.
Couldn't be happier! 
We also went out to the land office on the weekend and apparently are 7 weeks away from our land title...fingers crossed for no further delays.


  1. So happy that you didn't have to have vinyl and soooo love ya carpet colour!