Sunday, 9 June 2013

Yes folks, we have Formal Finance approval!

I received the phone call last Thursday, 6th June from our finance broker telling me that the bank had done the valuation and have formally approved our loan.

We have since received our mortgage documents in the gosh! SO MUCH PAPER! To be honest I have found it a bit overwhelming to start sifting through and am only going to attempt now, after writing this blog...just waiting for the caffeine to sink in.

I was deciding whether to find a solicitor to check over the documents or just source answers to the questions I need myself from specialists - we have gone somewhere in the middle and arranged a meeting with our finance broker tomorrow to discuss all the sections and sign them.

I have really done my research, I know what to look out for and I will not be holding back on any helps having a few friends in the business too!

Welcome to the world of mortgage debt! Yep...that's us!


  1. Hi Pooks. Great blog! We are also building the Aston (22 sq) in the north. Just completed the color appointment - talk about brain overload! But like you, we are pleased with our choices. We too upgraded to truffle brick to escape the red bricks of doom. Good luck with the build!

  2. hey there! sorry for the late reply..didn't know it was here! Ahh a fellow Aston neighbour, excellent! when are you building? is there anywhere I can follow your progress? :-)

  3. Congrats! Getting approval is the best feeling :)