Saturday, 18 May 2013

We FINALLY have Finance Pre-Approval!

Yep, that's right - only as of yesterday we finally heard from the finance team that we have Pre-Approval! Yay!! It's a little weight that has been lifted.

So the next steps are: to pay our Valuation fee to the bank, hand over some ID to our finance broker who will send off our First Homebuyers Grant application (we couldn't change our contract signing date due to needing to get it done this side of July 2013 so that we can proceed with our formal finance approval application so we miss out on the grant increase!) and attend the Pre-Start appointment next Tuesday with our design consultant in the showroom...

We have done a bit more research and have some more info.
  • We can't get air-conditioning included in our loan so we are hoping to source this ourselves while we are waiting for land titles and get that installed by a sparky friend after handover (or during construction!).
  • Upgrading the standard vinyl flooring to tiles will cost more than expected (with no rebate on the vinyl) and the catch is...we would have to pay up next Tuesday so we are thinking of outsourcing flooring as well....I don't know if I could deal with vinyl?!
  • We are getting a great deal on upgrades to kitchen appliances with all Caesar Stone benches

Our HIA Contract signing is next Tuesday with our pre-start appointment.
We are really looking forward to this!

We managed to find a brick we like that isn't red! It is an upgrade to category two and will cost about $550 to upgrade the entire house - it is Truffle from Austral Brick's new Indulgence Range:

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