Friday, 26 April 2013

The Building Contract arrives....

So we receive this large express post envelope today....

The contents:
HIA Building Contract, Electrical Plans, External and Internal house plans.

How exciting! We have ages to wait for our land to be ready so these short bursts of excitement from now until then will be few and far between I am thinking.

It turns out this is not one of those times...
You know how we all are reading on those forums about all the problems the 'buyer' is discovering with the builder and because we are so new in the process we make that mental note "I know how to avoid this happening to me now"....well I didn't know enough to make that side note!


In our ensuite we decided to change our plan a bit by removing the surrounding walls around the toilet and remove the second window so the bathroom didn't feel so closed in. We also added an ensuite door. We aren't really into this new "open plan" living of ensuites with no doors, especially when our ensuite shower is opposite our bedroom window! I straight away notice that this change isn't on the plan...

Next - our plans are showing floorboards and carpet. The discussion was TILES and carpet!

Finally - Where are our 900ml upgrades of appliances to the kitchen? Missing and replaced by the standard 600ml..grrr!

Ok, ok so I am over-reacting. I start breaking this problem down and my main concern is the ensuite because we have been advised by our builder when we signed our Preliminary Works Contract that we can't make any further structural changes unless we pay upfront.
 I believe knocking down 2 walls would be a structural change!

Reading this HIA Building Contract is really got my head spinning! Tonight my plan consists of combing through the homeone forum and typing explicit words ending in contract in to Google to see what I can find to help me understand. We are due to sign this contract at our selections appointment next month and I want to have a full understanding....especially about the part on page 3 that says "these costs are not fixed" but my home consultant told me a couple of times at our last appointment that the costs ARE fixed!

I think there will be minimal changes to our electrical plan though. So far we are thinking we will just add another power point to the master bedroom, living room and outdoor living as we plan to have our sparky friend carry out the work.

So anyway, I have sent an email to our home consultant with my questions and concerns tonight. 

Tomorrow we meet with the Land Office representative where our lot is and hand over a bank cheque for $4000 to lock in our deposit. Thankfully it is all subject to finance...
Can you believe we STILL don't know the outcome!!!??

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