Monday, 22 April 2013

Phone calls and papers....

So....ummm what next? We chose the builder, the house and the land...

We had two weeks that our lot would be secured for before we had to return to sign land contracts.
Those 2 weeks were a whirl wind!

We decided to apply for finance through Resolve Finance which is a sister company to Homebuyers Centre. We felt they had a good reputation, were a solid company and as they were located in the same building giving preference to Homebuyers Centre could work well!

We met with the finance consultant. He kindly came out to our home and we supplied all of our documents and signed the consultant's documents. Our loan would now be lodged.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. By the way, we are still waiting on the outcome!
We have been advised that the lenders are very busy....hmm. We are doing our best to be patient... it's been just over a month.

In the meantime though our Home Consultant was in full swing, having us choose our front house fa├žade and tweeking floor plans.
It turned out that in the Livingston estate the driveway is required to be on the right hand side (if you were looking head on at the house) and the standard design has the garage/driveway on the left hand side.

"Don't worry!" said our home consultant, we will just flip it! But...what about the north facing sun? "Hmmm... leave it with me". A week or so later we have a new plan that had the front part of the house flipped and the back of the house remaining the same so we benefit from that north sun. As the flip couldn't be symmetrical it meant that we gained a bit more length to the house and an extra large walk in pantry! No complaints here!

We attended an appointment with our home consultant in Officer to gain information on our costings and sign the Preliminary Works Contract.
We were happily surprised with the outcome of the FIXED costs. We added Eaves to our choices for the house and selected a section of the front of the house that we would like rendered (as per our development guidelines we had to do this).

We were starting to see this come together.
The land we selected doesn't title until August 2013 which was a real positive for us so that we didn't feel rushed and we could continue to save.

We attended the land office and signed the contracts, subject to finance (with a 90 day clause).
They gave us a folder with a fancy pen each and a red sold sticker. all felt inappropriate seeings as we had no idea about the finance outcome.

I still find it completely odd how this house/land/finance order is done completely backwards!

A copy of the land contracts were sent to a conveyencer we were recommended to and we had mail from them within the week with MORE contracts to sign (and paperwork including our First Home Owners Grant and Land Transfer).

To be honest this stage has been so up and down. Do we get excited? We have gone through stages of preparing and researching colours/fittings to stages of normality in case it doesn't work out. It is a real rollercoaster of emotions!

We have been told that building could potentially start in September and an average build takes 16 weeks. I am thinking with wet weather at that time of year and Christmas shut down we would be finished by February 2014.

So as I write this post we haven't done anything further and we are still waiting on the finance outcome.

Our consultant from Resolve told us last night (when I sent a WHAT THA?) email that we should have an outcome next week in regards to our loan.

We also have our pre-selection appointment booked with a design consultant for the 21st May 2013.

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