Monday, 29 April 2013

Part with $4000 and gain $3000...haha

Our lot in Livingston is secured (for now)!

We have handed over the remainder of the deposit on the weekend and took a little trip to Austral bricks.
We had a 2011 catalogue from our builder that showed the standard range and I was secretly hoping that Austral Bricks would say "we have much better colours in standard these days" but they didn't. To my amusement the rep there said "why do these builders keep throwing in the ugly bricks as 'standard'?"
I couldn't agree more....we are really trying to keep to standard selections but these RED shades are so old!
After being at the store I am paying really close attention to houses around me and analysing bricks. How excitement...and I really don't want RED! 
So this will be a discussion point for the selections appointment!

I received a return phone call from our home consultant in regards to the email I sent him a couple of days ago.
It appeared he had a memory lapse in regards to changing our ensuite fit out and changing the floor coverings. He advised he would make some variations (at no cost to me) and send it through.
He confirmed that our 900ml appliances in the kitchen will be included and we actually secured them for a good price and these will be purchased under our $2000 allocated allowance at our selections appointment, leaving over half left over for hopefully...a glass splash back!
I was also looking over our contract for our evaporative cooling system....yep, I threw that one in the email to. We have no plans on spending big at the selections appointment so it important to us to get the air-con in our mortgage.

Now if you live in Victoria and you are looking at building you would be happy to know that the State Government is hiking up the First Home Owners Grant to $10000 (from $7000) from the 1st of July this year and decreasing the stamp duty 40% which wasn't going to happen until January 2014.

Yay!! That's us....! That would be an extra $3000 we have for items except for that we are due to sign our contract BEFORE July which would make us ineligible...aaaaahhhh!

Ok, so I might have been a bit sneaky and left a message with our builders office that I need to reschedule the appointment next month to sometime after July...she hasn't called me back yet so I haven't had to think of an excuse but I have run this past our builder and he sees no reason why we can't reschedule until after 1st July because our land titles won't be ready for a few more months anyway (and he said he would have done the same thing!). So, that's that...

Still haven't heard about finance as yet :-/

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