Saturday, 20 April 2013

Decisions, decisions...

So we worked out that it's possible.

After a bit of research (a lot!), many discussions and some counting of numbers we worked out that we could defy the odds and continue to rent while saving and potentially building our first house.

We had agreed on buying an established house early on in the game though with one walk through of a display village we were set on building our own. There is something special about your house being yours and never having been someone else's that we were keen to set up our territory!

We decided on a house and land package. It made sense. We could work off a template, give it a few tweeks and get a fixed price that suited our budget with the reassurance that it can't go terribly wrong because our house design has been built many times before!
So who is the lucky potential builder?

We checked out one well known building group...we knew that with minimal "standards" and so many "extras" that need to be "standards" that this job could get driveway? Come on!

For this reason - Homebuyers Centre (VIC) caught our eye.
Driveway included, quality "standard" fittings and materials were obvious in their display centres, not to mention the window blinds and fittings (and flyscreens!) being part of the standard package.

So we met with our home consultant in their head office for the first time.
A familiar face, down to earth and there to get the job done.
"Pick a design" he said, "We have heaps" he continued..."What about this one?"


The description as displayed on
The Aston captures the essence of contemporary design and space. Multiple living areas sets this four bedroom home apart with a separate family retreat in addition to a light-filled open plan dining and living space. A perfect balance between modern style and thoughtful layout places the Aston at a new benchmark for family living.

So we put this one on the top of the wish list ready to visit in a display village over an hour away!
No stopping there though...

"WHERE do you both want to live?"

Now we have had a lot of time to think about this and be realistic. We are not spending $800,000 on our first experiment which gives us no choice but to move out further South as we both work full time and need to be within a reasonable distance from work.

After a few visits here and there, discussions at many land offices we decided on Cranbourne East, more specifically the Livingston Estate.

The Lot we chose is perfect! Located at the very end of what will be a 'no through road' with a small park across the road to one side of us and a neighbour in a single story on the  other.

The space measures at 534sqm which is at the larger end of choices believe it or not!
After inspecting the dirt we put our $1000 holding deposit down on 10th March 2013 and let out a sigh of relief....

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